Minemal is a bag with a difference. Moulded in extra-white Limoges porcelain and provided with a silken cord, it is designed to carry objects of value, which are slipped inside it through an opening on the top, like a miniature safe.
The finesse of the porcelain combined with the delicacy of the engraved motifs makes it a precious object in itself, like a piece of jewellery.
The engraved plant motifs that decorate it are inspired by the world of nature, a focus of its creator’s artistic research. Purposely left white, the motifs contrast with the brightly colored cord, which acts as a strap and a juncture between the bag’s two parts.
Created essentially out of porcelain, the bag makes full use of this remarkable material’s properties: amazing resistance enabling creation of an object that is both sturdy and light, extreme finesse revealing the subtlest hand-designed shapes and motifs, and finally, the purest white possible.

  • Project type: Product
  • Client: Grand Prix Internationale de la Porcelaine de Limoges
  • © Vaulot