nAutreville is a transparent digital information board which offers ultralocal information services for large capitals. It is part of a process for promoting emerging technologies (augmented reality and interactive maps) and it questions the representation of the city today.
Located at major intersections, it offers real-time public information specific to the neighborhood, such as historical places to visit, current cultural activities, messages from the Town Hall or information about associations … Its 360 ° rotation system can show geolocated information in a given area.

The data are always available in the board interface and can also be downloaded as text, image and video through the maVille interface. The user can for example get the address of a place where he wants to go or the coordinates of a future event.

Like a digital window into local life, nAutreville offers visitors and residents to overlay digital information onto the city creating an enhanced view of their surroundings.
Alongside Maria Laura Mendez, leader of the nAutreville project, we carried out the design and production of the panel. We have participated in the structure of the interface, optimizing navigation architecture and defining the graphic system. The next steps of the project were carried out with the collaboration of Carola Moujan and Lena Mazilu.

  • Project type: research on product design and interfaces
  • Client: Paris Design Lab
  • Year: 2010
  • © Maria Laura Mendez