A design project often stems from a question that takes the form of an order. The ensuing economical, social, ecological or other concerns are constraints that functionalize the designer’s work.
Rowing against current, our initial postulate is to undertake a work without preliminary question, without limits. For a moment, we depart from constraints to wander along a road drawn by our imagination. We follow tangent paths to come back refreshed to the useful, the functional, the use. To begin this drift, we needed a basis, an evocative source of inspiration to freely delve into. A shared desire leaded us to the human body. The particularity of human anatomy is that it is part of us yet we cannot see it. The internal aesthetics of our own body is inaccessible to us and therefore conducive to imagination.

  • Project type: communication project
  • Client: Bourse Agora Design
  • Year: 2011
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