Your situation:
The world is changing and you are looking to reinvent yourself to become a staple on the market. You want to radically innovate to create new sources of revenue for your organization.


Our method:
We have a proven process to define a framework conducive to breakthrough innovation. Leveraging our research on trends and new technologies, in collaboration with our network of experts, and associating it with ethnographic research, we identify unmet needs and areas of opportunity for designing product offerings. and innovative services and their business models.


Our expertise:
Consider the future
Step back

Cultural and commercial trends
Ethnographic research
Consumer Analysis
Definition of the needs of the user
Business model innovation


Your situation:
Technological progress, changing markets, changing uses, changing consumption patterns and communication forces you to rethink your customer experience strategy.


Our method:
We help you understand the changes B to B and B to C customers, and to summarize your years of experience to define a visionary strategic course. Together we will reinvent the customer experience of your customers to drive and drive the growth of your business.


Our expertise:
Planning / Growth Strategy / UX Strategy
Business model innovation / Foresight
Taking a step back / Cultural and commercial trends
Ethnographic research / Consumer analysis
Definition of the needs of the user
Study of know-how
Study of industrial equipment
Product Strategy / Service Strategy


Votre situation:
You have a new product or service idea and are looking for a partner to help you make your project a reality and ensure that the overall experience.


Our method:
We bring you a range of physical, digital and service design expertise to create brands, spaces, interactions as well as digital and physical products. Your company is at the heart of innovation and the management of multidisciplinary teams is our strength. Together and in close collaboration, let's sketch the future.


Our expertise:
Ethnographic research
User experience
Integrated design and development
Integration of emerging technologies
Business model design
Prototyping / Qualitative resonance tests
Design and pilot tests
Deployment support


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