Vaulot&Partners is a global design agency, association of Vaulot Design and Vaulot Architecture


Product design

We accompany our clients in the research and design of new products, solving problems and identifying opportunities. Our effort is to find new solutions that are coherent, simple and poetic. Our works are models of innovation and inspiration, that help build a stronger image for our clients.


We create ambiances for cultural or shopping experiences for corporate interiors and exhibition designs. Our strong visual concepts highlight the objects exhibited and the brand image while they set the mood for a memorable sensorial experience.


Our client's fundamental necessity is to express, share and relay their vision through matter and information. In this sense we help you to structure, adapt and highlight your identity through projects of branding, corporate identity, communication pieces of print or web, publishing and event design.

Research and innovation

Society, creative processes, industrial and digital technologies are constantly evolving and offering new fields of exploration. Innovation is crucial for our clients and together we help to materialize a desirable and responsible future.

Our clients