On terraces, the territory of plants is framed, limited, sometimes inadequate for the proper growth of plants. The depletion of natural soil sometimes causes the need for manufactured objects to assist the plant, to support and help lead its growth.

Our program is a re-visit of the garden stakes as connecting element to the natural, a bridge between the needs of the plant and human needs related to aesthetic contemplation.

We propose here three sets of garden stakes, each one composed by four models: – A set providing the basic needs of plants, offering water, sun, space and winter protection. – A set dedicated to the maintenance of plants protecting against pests and offering an abundant pollination via culture auxiliaries. – A set aimed at the aesthetic enhancement of the plant, creating a balance between artificial and natural.

First Prize in the Jardin Jardins Contest 2010. Exhibited at the Jardin Tuilleries, Paris.

  • Typologie: design produit
  • Année: 2010
  • Prix: Premier prix du concours Jardin Jardins
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