Lamps are designed to meet our specific needs.
Their shapes, dimensions and materials define directly the type of lighting produced to specific uses, therefore requiring a model for every situation.
In response to a growing demand for flexibility in our daily environment, I propose an adaptable lighting system suitable for all circumstances.

Shape Is Use –SIU- is an extremely compact system that unfolds to provide light.
This lighting system is in response to a demand from users concerned to use only the amount of light needed, best suited and required.

The SIU system meets perfectly the current environmental criteria for energy efficiency through the gradual unfolding of the light sources on the tape. Energy consumption is in this way proportional to the needs of the user while generating light that is proportional to the activity and space intended. The tape is unrolled and controlled manually, and its structure provides versatility and a multitude of layouts and uses.

  • Project type: research in produt design
  • Diploma project at ENSCI - Les Ateliers
  • Year: 2009
  • Director: Jean-Louis Fréchin - NoDesign