The project establishes the renovation and the extension of a building of offices and technical premises situated in the city of Villetaneuse.

The project consists of the construction of an extension of the building greenhouses of the city of Villetaneuse (Paris Area). The building includes two levels in whom are fitted out at the ground floor by storage place.

The building, shelters a meeting room and changing rooms. It also concerns the restructuring of the existing floor with the arrangement of a changing room, two desks and a passage over the workshop of existing repotting place.
The building is built in skeleton wood, insulation wood and facade in woods planks. The ecological approach to develop the project is respected by of the agricultural greenhouses of the city. The Volume of the extension distances itself from the existing while creating a new dialogue and new interactions for the users

  • Project type: Architecture extension and offices and technical premises remodelling
  • Client: City of Villetaneuse_ Plaine Commune-Grand Paris
  • Year: 2013
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