The project establishes the renovation and the extension of a holiday home located in Sainte-Maxime.


This small house is constituted by coated walls covered with a roof in traditional Mediterranean tiles with double slope. Situated in a green setting, the house overhangs a hill and lines a little frequented road. The project includes the internal renovation of the house as well as an extension extending the morphology of the existing. The extension is situated in the continuity of built existing, its traditional roof in tiles coming to extend the existing roof and to become mixed up with her.
All the living rooms are opened towards the outside thanks to the drillings of generous bays and the treatment of the continuous ground from inside to the outside. The House takes back the local esthetics, with the addition of terrace from Saint-Tropez in roof, overflowing roofs, windows with “kindling” and large shaded terrace.

  • Project type: Architecture Extension & housing remodeling
  • Client: Privé
  • Year: 2015
  • © Vaulot Architecture