New regional education authority building builds for the city of Lille.
The future vice-chancellorship of the Academy of Lille will so include on a unique site all the Services at present scattered in the urban area of Lille.

The project of the vice-chancellorship meets several challenges, he indeed owes:

– Assume its role in the continuity of the urban development of the site of Euralille.
– Establish the image of the institution through architecture expressing lightness, opening and luminosity while exposing a serious and functional character.
– Endow the vice-chancellorship of a strong identity.
– insure the quality and the feature of spaces

The project thus develops under a “V” shape opened around a large space, an internal garden forming the square of reception.

The building is widely opened towards the city. It turns to a large plaza fitted out by low vegetation, garden of grasses of herbs, terrace and a big ornamental pond. The plaza welcomes the visitor with a central garden and opens views towards the city.

  • Project type: Architecture, Contest, Office
  • Client: Rectorat de l’académie de Lille
  • Year: 2012
  • © Vaulot & Barbet / Team: Sogeprom, Projectim, Bet Artelia.