These tapestries are genetically modified historic plants. The genetics viewpoint allowed to explore the DNA of the Aubusson tapestries. It questions the relation of this cultural heritage with contemporary issues raised by men’s modification of nature. There are 5 protocols of reinforcement of the plants aiming to create new species of plants.

Vaulot_Aubusson_verdure_tapisserie_08 Vaulot_Aubusson_verdure_tapisserie_09 Vaulot_Aubusson_verdure_tapisserie_10 Vaulot_Aubusson_verdure_tapisserie_11 Vaulot_Aubusson_verdure_tapisserie_12

  • Project type: art installation
  • Client: Cité Internationale de la Tapisserie Aubusson
  • Award: Grand Prix de la Cité Internationale de la Tapisserie
  • © Vaulot et Dyèvre