SkyCondo  Live/work proposal architecture and nature work together


The next generation of inhabitants needs more green space to share, public space for meetings and share food. That is why we put the vertical farm inside the building and in the core of its inhabitant. The project gives the images of a classical building easy to fit in his neighborough but with a green core inside.

The plants are both protective and give more fresh air come inside the building. On the Level 3 and 4 we add hydroponic plantation protected from the outside during the harsh  winter in NY area.  Street Level and level 1 provide restaurant, sports area and commercial area. From Level 5 to the top residential condo with condensed typologies. Our proposal is a typical NY City building for the next decade. It represent the green power, sharing the place and the Manhattan grid. We propose a bulding where every roof is a good spot to plant, harverst and grow.

  • Project Type Architecture, Condo, Mixed Use
  • Customer Private
  • Year 2016
  • © Vaulot Architecture