Building renovation, landscaping and remodeling of the parking of residences Quétigny I, II and III situated street Dumas in downtown Épinay-sur-Seine


The operation of redevelopment area in downtown Épinay-sur-Seine, line the co-ownerships Quétigny and follow the creation of two new streets. These new ways are going to open up the district and to secure the accesses to buildings and parking lots. Three co-ownerships of house are managed by three different bodies, these being grouped in a labor-union for the management of the parking lot and the private’s garden. The project concerns the remodeling of feet of all buildings and the renovation of 12. 500 square Meter, with a 560 parking spot capacity.

  • Project type: Urbanism, Landscape, Urban renovation and Parking
  • Client: Union des Syndicats des copropriétés Quétigny _Plaine Commune développement
  • Year: 2013-2017
  • © Vaulot Architecture et Vb-Lab / • Team: Vincent Vaulot (Project Architect +worksite + Urban Development) Vb-lab + Nexity Ozone (Advice), Ai-Conseil (structural engineering), Lenesley (Fluids engineering), Cabinet Virtz (economist), SNC Lavalin (CCTV)