Revitalize yourself


Development of a concept of sustainable tourism with low carbon footprint. The project aim is to revitalize yourself, get back to real emotion in a space to be well surrounded by a wild nature. The nature as the source of happiness. Several typologies of detached house are organized around a lake. Some houses welcome sports ‘oriented families (Fox), others houses suit for families with young children (Ecko), or textile pavilion are built for couples( Delta).

Halfway between the hut and the refuge houses are scattered in the dense Alpines forest.
The building are designed in natural materials-, such as ecological wood, glass, steel and insulating material. Buildings construction is fast using prefabricated technical modules, assembled and put down on the site with no time.

  • Project Type Architecture, Eco-hôtel
  • Customer Private
  • Year 2016-2017
  • © Vaulot Architecture