Olympic ice rink remodeling and creation of a new ice rink in Albertville

The Project of extension of the Olympic hall will group the set of the functions, ice rink, restoring, concert hall and reception hall and will allow their simultaneous, separate or mutualized uses. Our architectural strategy of urban planning and energy project develops around a system of plan in cross. This plan allows us to serve all the functions simultaneously or to isolate according to the needs. The project of ice rink will take a copper-colored tint, typical corten steel or steel skated meadow will reflect the character of the rock of the surrounding mountains. The facade materiality offers depth and movement by creating variations of tints and reflections. The extension of the Ice rink acquires a clear identity and becomes integrated into its environment while standing back with regard to existing Olympic hall.

  • Project type: Architecture, Sport Hall, Ice Rink
  • Client: CO-RAL Ville d’Albertville
  • Year: 2012
  • © Vaulot & Barbet / Team: Batiserf (Structural engineering), Alto (Fluids engineering), Michel Forgue (Economist),J.P Lamoureux (Acoustic) , Ouest Coordination (OPC