Competition to build of a 3600 seats opera and a 2000 seats theater

The Project is situated in the culture district of the seaport of Busan in South Korea.


Within the framework of the development of the cultural district located in Busan seaport, an ambitious cultural program demands the installation of an international opera. The theater and the opera will form a building put on an artificial island situated in city frontline. The opera wants to embody an international iconic image, like a palace for artists. The building, in clean lines, is easy to identify. From the outside, the opera looks like a mysterious palace, gross lines, kissing earth and sea. Inside, paradoxically, he is rich and brilliant. His image borrows the elegant vocabulary of the classic opera while delivering a contemporary interpretation.

  • Project type: Architecture, Contest, Opera, Theaters.
  • Client: City of Busan
  • Year: 2011
  • © Vaulot & Barbet / Team : Ai-Conseil (Structural engineering), Lenesley (Fluids engineering), Cabinet Virtz (Economist).