Construction of a building for a private collection exhibition. Situated in front of Manhattan at the edge of the Brooklyn Bridge Park the building expresses its function in a series of volumes stacked in the space. Designed with the idea of lightness and floating, it expresses a certain idea of the freedom. Released by the constraints, the volumes became recipient for the exposure of art. The building gets loose from the ground to float in the intriguing atmosphere of the world of contemporary art. The construction takes the aspect of a gift box, the contents of which inspire our imagination. Each Box is connected by posts of steel the set turns to the heart of the district and looks towards Manhattan.

The building turns around a central column of circulation and technical function then every space of exhibition turns to a sight of the city, every level proposes its point of view and its outside space, in connection with Skyline of the city, the Chrysler Building, the Empire States high rise, Brooklyn Bridge. Spaces between the volumes let appear of big terraces on which the events can be organized. Evoking the industrial past and the technique, as well as the repetitive motives for the contemporary facades of New York, the facades are barded by brilliant metallic plate and Matte who think and get the natural day light as well as the night electric lights

  • Project type: Architecture, Museum, Exhibition.
  • Client: Private fondation
  • Year: 2015
  • © Vaulot Architecture