The project consists of the development of an insulating textile facade.


This new facade serves as double insulating skin in renovation or in constructions new. The new facade is constituted by pillows made of technical textile stemming from farming. Pillows are then performed with natural insulating material absorbent cotton of cellulose or linen fiber.
The pillows of textile are made in factories and transported at a lower cost on-site. They are hung collided in a frame designed to avoid the thermal bridges By means of a mold they are filled with a successful and ecological insulating material. Frames are collided on a simple secondary structure struck together.

The packaging of facades thanks to these new textile pillows promises to reduce the energy consumption of the building and obtain the quality of unprecedented looks.

  • Project type: Architecture, Design, Research, Materiality
  • Client: ADream
  • Year: 2014
  • © Vaulot & Barbet / Team: ITL - Institut Technique du Lin, Newmat SAS