We have advised the city of Florianopolis (Brazil) on communication strategies for their bid to receive the UNESCO label “Creative city of gastronomy”. The city has received the label and joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in December 2014.

The objectives of this recognition are:

  • to promote Gastronomy as a strategic sector for sustainable development in Florianópolis, especially in relation to local products and cultures.
  • to enhance the image of the city for more visibility in Brazil and abroad, to reaffirm its vocation in the creative economy.
  • The integration of Florianópolis in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network awakens a sense of pride and responsibility for people working in tourism and gastronomy of the city. This will result in increase of their  desire to constantly improve the quality of their products and services, stimulating the creation of new businesses and contributing to the sustainable development of the city, respecting and appreciating their culture.
  • The exchange of experiences with other cities of UNESCO’s Network, including in other sectors of the creative economy, promotes the creation of new projects and the development of new products and services.


  • Project type: communication strategy
  • Client: City of Florianopolis
  • Year: 2014
  • Label: UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy