Halfway Between The Moon & Paradise


Situated on the island of Ko Samui in Thailand, the villa takes a takes place on the seaside, between a wooded ground and a beach. It is a holiday home intended to accommodate a big family and friends as well as in vacation rental. The house is conceived(designed) around the idea of the expression of the beauty in a paradisiac environment. The Villa inspires a unique way to live. Inspired by the traditional housing the house in designed to have a minimal impact on the ground, it floats on stilt. Unlike a traditional house put on a ground, the house is connected with the nature everything in lightness. Its relationship on the ground is minimal. The house is fixed in the sky almost over the ocean benefiting from an extraordinary sight on the sea as well as on the rain forests. This vessel, gets closer to the idea of exploration and to discovery of the surrounding beauty, it gives to get closer to the nature, transforms our relationship to the world. Put delicately on a series of posts, the house minimizes borrowed sound, being inspired by the tree, feeding on the ground by allowing the installation of the other lives around them rather than to crush and to dominate the nature, the House bottom in its environment adapting itself to the efficiency and to the codes of rain forest. The architecture so formalized moves closer to us to the environment and puts back us in dialogue.

The architecture of the house so takes back the historic codes of the traditional housing environment, the lightness the stilts, the horizontality, the hidden bay, the natural ventilations, structures in skeleton wood and metal as well as the vocabulary of the new typologies such as aluminum facades, of big sliding glass bays, skydome, as well as thermal regulations, rainwater recycling, management of energy and waste treatments.

The House is conceived in natural’s materials, such as ecological wood, glass, steel, insulating material. The villa is designed  in prefabricated module locally, assembled and put down on the site at short time .Welcoming the resident, the house receives all the elements of the contemporary comfort, all the living rooms have direct views towards the sea, chambers have their bathrooms, dressing rooms, and outside space. The house has a swimming pool with outside lounge terrace an equipped kitchen, a big stay, a fitness gym and a workshop for the maintenance of water sports equipment, diving, sail, kitesurf and other ground activities such as the walking or mountain bikes.

  • Project type: Architecture, House, Under Study
  • Client: Private
  • Year: 2015
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